Breeds For Your Zodiac

July 3, 2020

Every dog breed has it’s own personality Finding a good pup can sometimes be a challenge. Using zodiac signs, lets find the best breed for every sign. When it comes time to get a furry companion or four-legged son or daughter, there are a lot of things to consider. How much energy a dog has, the size, the temperament, how well they can get along with other dogs/animals, how much exercise they may need. Everybody has a different schedule and lifestyle, some people are homebodies and just want a companion to snuggle up next to and feel safe at night, others want a guardian who intimidates everyone the look at, and some just want a family member that will always be by their side. Using Zodiac signs, let’s find the perfect dog breed for every sign.

Aries- Labs

Aries are known for being competitive and impulsive, always wanting to be first in everything and making a competition out of everything. They are determined, enthusiastic, and confident, usually the smartest in the room, or at least working towards being the smartest in the room. Labs capture that determination and passion to be good at everything by being the go-to for most canine-related jobs, like seeing-eye dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, and therapy dogs. They are among the smartest breeds and have enough energy to keep up with any other dog breed.

Capricorn-German Shepherds

Capricorns often get a bad rep for appearing too serious or being condescending but deep down are very caring people who have a hard time lightening up. They represent time and responsibility and very independent, often planning their lives to the teeth. Like Capricorns, German Shepherds often get a bad rep for being too serious and not playful enough due to their hardworking pedigree and intelligence. Like a Lab, German Shepherds are most often used for a lot of canine-related jobs, and they often excel. At home, German Shepherds are very easy to train and are very hardworking, meaning you can use them as a guard dog, help with daily life, or simply a companion.


Pisces are very friendly and social people, often surrounded by friends and loved ones due to their compassionate and selfless nature. They can easily make friends and they hate being alone, so they can literally strike up a conversation with anyone. Boxers are among the friendliest and most energetic dog breeds, well known for their crazy amount of energy and fun-loving nature. You won’t ever have to worry about Boxers being aggressive as they tend to socialize with most people and creatures. Like a Pisces, Boxers hate being alone and make the perfect companion for someone who always wants someone around.


Cancers are another sign that are very hard to read due to them closely guarding their emotions. Cancers care deeply for their loved ones and family and are very intuitive, often feeling their loved ones pain and they do anything they can to make them feel better. Havanese are well known for being intuitive and reading human emotions well and catering to their owner’s needs. They are friendly, small dogs that get along with just about anyone, so we wouldn’t recommend getting a Havenese as a guard dog. But don’t let that fool you, they would be willing to give their lives to fight off anything that messes with their owner.

Leo- Golden Retriever

Leos are the life of the party, born for the spotlight. They are the most social, charismatic, and lovable people on the Zodiac signs. They are selfless, heroic, and although they may be a bit arrogant, they can accomplish a lot with their can-do attitude and unwavering optimism. In just about every movie or show with a dog, the most common breed is the Golden Retriever. They are almost the perfect dog breed, their size, their temperament, their intelligence, and their good nature. If charisma and swagger could translate into a dog breed, the Golden Retriever would have a lot of it.

Scorpio- Doberman

Scorpios are very emotional people and often act on their emotions when making any sort of decision. Their passion can be seen as assertive or aggressive, but they are extremely loyal and loving to their friends and family. They are intimidating due to their confrontational nature, but once you get to know them, they can be your best friend. The Doberman Pinscher gets a bad rep due to their intimidating size and look but they can be good companions who can warm up to their owner or other animals with time and patience.

Taurus- Husky

Tauruses are very practical and reliable signs, well known for their hard work and determination. They may be stubborn, but this is what they use to their advantage to get the job done. Taureans are also well known for enjoying the beauty around them. Huskies were bred for hard work, known for their ability to sled through the snow and work together. They are also very energetic dogs who enjoy several walks a day in nature and beautiful parks. They can be hard to train due to their stubbornness, so it takes a patient and stable Taurus to train them.

Virgo- Greyhound

Virgos are often hard to read because they heavily guard themselves and are highly independent. They don’t things to chance and are often the most analytical of the Zodiac signs. They take pride in their predictable life and don’t take a lot of chances. A perfect dog for the shy and reserved Virgo is the shy and reserved Greyhound. Greyhounds are very cautious by nature and prefer a stable and predictable household, training, and food, leaving nothing to chance.

Sagittarius- Springer Spaniel

Sagittarians love adventure and are some of the biggest travelers in the Zodiac signs. They are outgoing, fearless, and idealistic, always looking form their next challenge. They sometimes promise more than they can deliver but they have the means to do anything they set their mind to. The Springer Spaniel is one of the most adventurous and social dog breeds ever. Originally meant for duck hunting, the spaniel will go anywhere and everywhere and is ideal for any living situation. They love making friends and they love being outside and trying out anything that looks like fun to them.

Libra- Australian Shepherd

Libras are always looking for their next partner or friend as they value symmetry and balance. They hate being alone and often look for companionship with anyone who they can feel comfortable around. The Australian shepherd is one of the most loyal and reliable dog breeds who work hard and provide great companionship for their owners and like a Libra, hate being alone. These are ideal pets to get when you already have another dog or pet, as they can get really lonely and suffer from separation anxiety.

Gemini- Boston Terrier

Geminis are hard to read because they are constantly changing their emotions and demeanor and they are often seen as spontaneous. They are adaptable to any situation and can quickly learn and grow from their experiences. The Boston Terrier is the perfect dog for just about anyone. Their temperament differs from dog to dog and they require very little walking so they are ideal for small apartments or big houses. They are easy to train for the most part but have known to purposely make training harder for their owner.

Aquarius- Shiba Inu

Aquarians are shy and quiet at first but are energetic and eccentric once you get to know them well. They are among the most progressive of the Zodiacs as they try to see everything with no prejudices or biases. They are deep thinkers with a love for helping others. A Shiba has a lot of Aquarian characteristics such as their cold and introverted nature that warms up to their owner after a long time of socializing. They are also very loving and protecting the members that make up their family and are ideal for any sort of living situation.

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